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Pocket Dungeon Starter Pack [.stl]

Pocket Dungeon Starter Pack [.stl]

by pixelcadet

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Welcome to Pocket Dungeon, a thrilling solo or cooperative dungeon-crawler board game, that fits in your pocket.

Build instruction: here

In this game, you'll take on the role of a lost hero trying to escape a dangerous dungeon filled with swarms of monsters. With the roll of d4 dice, you'll determine your hero's fate, the monsters' actions, and the outcome of the game. Whether you're playing alone or with friends, you'll need to use strategy and quick thinking to survive the perils of the dungeon and emerge victorious. Are you ready to brave the dangers of the abyss?

Pocket Dungeon is a 3D-printed board game that is perfect for on-the-go gaming. Its small size makes it a great option for travel or a quick game during a break, be it a solo gameplay or multiplayer.

The game is also easily customizable, allowing you to mix and match pieces to create your own unique playing experience. Plus, with more heroes and monsters coming soon as expansion packs.

List of downloadable:
- Pocket Dungeon box
- Pocket Dungeon 8x12 board
- 1 hero piece (Oni Slayer) + tag
- 1 weapon piece
- 1 monster piece + tag
- 1 boss monster piece + tag
- dungeon wall pieces set
- 3 item pieces
- door pieces
- dungeon tracker
- 3 numbered D4 dice

Pocket Dungeon 2 Players rule book (.pdf)
Pocket Dungeon Solo Play rule book (.pdf)

Print settings:
- with support
- 20% infill or more
- 0.2mm layer height (standard detail)
- you can also apply ironing for the box and the board

You will print all the parts separately, I orientated each objects to reduce as much support as possible. To connect the hinges, please use 1.75mm filament. The slider are in two pieces and you need glue to connect them together.

This design (like all Pixelcadet designs) is under copyright. Which means, upon purchase, you do NOT have the right to sell commercially.

If you would like to legally sell them commercially, please join my Patreon and subscribe to the Merchant Tier. The Digital files are never to be re-sold, shared, or given away.

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