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Greenling Thrasher - Battleclub

Greenling Thrasher - Battleclub

by pixelcadet

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Introducing the first ranged unit for Greenling, ready to deflect all incoming projectiles coming its way, and return it ten folds with its mighty arm, the Greenling Thrasher!

Battleclub Wacky Wargame is a turn-based miniature wargame where you engage the enemy by flicking, and each miniature has a specific mechanism to translate your flicking movement into different types of attacks (shooting, stabbing, swinging, etc.).

In this game, you don’t rely solely on luck and stat counting; just move your armies forward and flick away!

This expansion pack contains:
- 1x Greenling Thrasher
- 1x SPD tablets set
- 3x Bullets with various damage points

1x Battleclub Rule Book (.pdf)
1x Greenling Battle Index (.pdf)

The miniatures will come pre-assembled. To assemble these, you need all purpose adhesive (ie. UHU) and an x-acto knife.

DISCLAIMER: Each set is made to order using FDM 3D printer and PLA material. PLA is strong and durable, but not extremely heat resistant. For this reason we do not recommend leaving the product in a hot place. Lastly, as the nature of handmade 3d printed product, minor imperfections may occur, we do our best to only send out quality products.

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