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Goblin Lair [.stl]

Goblin Lair [.stl]

by pixelcadet

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This is an expansion pack from Pocket Dungeon Solo Board Game, please see the related items below to get the starter pack.

In the depths of the ancient forest lies the treacherous Goblin Lair. This cursed dungeon teems with the nefarious goblin horde, led by their cunning and malevolent boss known as Goboss. Alongside Goboss, two loyal lackeys, Gob and Magob, bolster the ranks of the mischievous tribe. Magob stands out among the goblins, gifted with the arcane arts, capable of unleashing devastating spells from afar. As darkness envelops the labyrinthine corridors, a brave hero emerges to confront the sinister denizens within. Known as Blood Seeker, a warrior hailing from the esteemed lineage of the blood warrior tribe, he wields a spear with unparalleled mastery. Armed with ancestral knowledge and unyielding determination, Blood Seeker embarks on an epic quest, seeking to cleanse the Goblin Lair and restore peace to the realm once more.

Will he prevail against the goblin horde and their cunning boss, Goboss? Only the depths of the Goblin Lair hold the answers, waiting to be discovered.

Pocket Dungeon is a 3D-printed board game that is perfect for on-the-go gaming. Its small size makes it a great option for travel or a quick game during a break, be it a solo gameplay or multiplayer. The game is also easily customizable, allowing you to mix and match pieces to create your own unique playing experience.

List of downloadable:
- 1x Hero piece "Blood Seeker" + Weapon + Tag
- 2x Monster pieces "Gob" and "Magob" + Tags
- 1x Boss monster piece "Goboss" + Tag

Pocket Dungeon 2 Players rule book (.pdf)
Pocket Dungeon Solo Play rule book (.pdf)

Print settings:
with support
20% infill or more
0.2mm layer height (standard detail)

You will print all the parts separately, I orientated each objects to reduce as much support as possible.

This design (like all Pixelcadet designs) is under copyright. Which means, upon purchase, you do NOT have the right to sell commercially.

If you would like to legally sell them commercially, please join my Patreon and subscribe to the Merchant Tier. The Digital files are never to be re-sold, shared, or given away.

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