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Dice Rapier [.stl]

Dice Rapier [.stl]

by pixelcadet

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Introducing my latest dice weapon – the dice rapier! This collapsible rapier has a transparent bauble as pommel which can contain any type of dice, and you can shake it to roll the dice. This dice weapon is perfect as a prop that you can bring to your LARP or TTRPG session.

Build instruction video

Materials and tools:
- 1x Ø 6mm transparent bauble
- 4x 5x1mm round neodymium magnets

- 1.75mm pla filament
- all purpose adhesive

Print Settings:
- Support: yes
- Infill: 20%
- Line height: 0.2mm

This design (like all Pixelcadet designs) is under copyright. Which means, upon purchase, you do NOT have the right to sell commercially.

If you would like to legally sell them commercially, please join my Patreon and subscribe to the Merchant Tier. The Digital files are never to be re-sold, shared, or given away.

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