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Cardtapult Forest Deck [.stl]

Cardtapult Forest Deck [.stl]

by pixelcadet

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Introducing Cardtapult, the revolutionary 3D-printed card game that combines the excitement of a catapult with the strategy of a traditional card game. The game includes a 3D-printed card that can turn into a catapult, each with unique designs and abilities.

Hurley is a forest creature that inhabits the deep woods. He is known for his love of hurling boulders, which he does with great precision and strength. He is a solitary creature, preferring to spend his days searching for the perfect boulders to hurl. He is fiercely protective of his territory and will hurl boulders at anything that threatens it. Despite his fearsome reputation, Hurley is actually a peaceful creature and will only attack if provoked. The local villagers tell tales of Hurley, warning travelers to stay away from his territory, lest they become the target of his boulder hurling. Some brave souls have even claimed to have seen Hurley using his boulders to construct impressive stone structures in the heart of the forest.

How to play Cardtapult

Players take turns using the cardtapult to launch bullets at the opposing player's cards, trying to knock them out. The bullet used in the game is essentially a dice, when you hit the target and the bullet land with the diamond symbol facing up, it deals critical damage. (Amount of critical damage is shown on the left side below the monster's name)

List of Downloadables:
- Hurley (launcher card)
- Stavos (guard card)
- Moruda (support card)
- Forest deck box
- Forest deck special dice

- Cardtapult rule book (.pdf)

Hope you guys like it, and any feedback or comments are welcomed. More cards with different abilities and strategies are coming soon. :)

3D Print Settings:
Support: yes
Infill: 20%
Line height: 0.2mm
print each part as oriented from the original file

This design (like all Pixelcadet designs) is under copyright. Which means, upon purchase, you do NOT have the right to sell commercially.

If you would like to legally sell them commercially, please join my Patreon and subscribe to the Merchant Tier. The Digital files are never to be re-sold, shared, or given away.

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